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Whether you are looking for octopus, squid or ultra-frozen fish, this is your place.


The squid is a soft-bodied mollusk which lives in saltwater. The squid feeds itself with two long tentacles and eight or more short arms. It also has a striped body specially adapted for fast swimming through the water.

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Common cuttlefish is a 20 inches-long cephalopod inhabiting coastal depths with abundant algae. It is located in both Mediterranean and Atlantic Sea, particularly near the Canary Islands.

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The roe cuttlefish possesses the same taste as the cuttlefish itself. However, it has finer texture that makes it a delicious dish. Although the sepia roe can be prepared in many ways, the most common is to prepare it grilled.

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Frozen octopus is ready to defrost and cook. It is a foodstuff that we can definitely enjoy cooking because of its great versatility. Thanks to octopus we can keep cholesterol controlled and benefit from Vitamin B.

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The common sole is one of the currently existing species of flat fish. It is considered high quality flat fish and can be fished throughout the year. Therefore it is easy to find it at the grocery at any time regardless the season.

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The squid is a very popular product in cuisine thorough the world. It represents an imposing source of high quality protein, as it has essential amino acids.

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Frozen cuttlefish has a low calorie level, which makes it not only suitable for low-calorie diets, but also for a wide variety of recipes. Frozen cuttlefish provides high-quality proteins and Vitamin A, E and B (B1, B2, B3, B6, B9 and B12).

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The octopus is a carnivorous marine mollusk. It lives in mild and tropical climates around the world. Its flesh is renowned due to its high quality. It is sold fresh, frozen and canned.

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The little octopus resides on rocky depths in the coast and sometimes even in dens. It possesses a soft body, which makes it perfect for cooking it fried. It can be found in the markets throughout the year.

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