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Frozen.: In boxes of 30 kg approx. I.Q.F.



Average values per 100g
Energy Value 31Kcal (133 KJ)
Proteins 7,2g
Carbohydrate 0,6g
of which sugars <0,5g
Fat <1,0g
Of which Saturated <0,02g
Salt (from Sodium) <1,96g


Frozen octopus is ready to defrost and cook. It is a foodstuff that we can definitely enjoy cooking because of its great versatility. Thanks to octopus we can keep cholesterol controlled and benefit from Vitamin B. Moreover, it has many minerals with benefits for our organism. It is thus an excellent nourishment to add to a low fat diet without skipping beneficial nutrients. Likewise, octopus’ flesh is a good source of iron along with zinc, which stimulates the immune system and contributes to improve the brain development in children

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