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Here you will appreciate the best treatment for our cephalopods. How the fish reaches your home in top conditions.

At Elaborados Miguel Medicis S.A, we process the raw materials in order to offer the best quality to our customers. We are acknowledged by the ISO: 9001: 2000 Certification.

Our Quality Department guarantees a sustainable policy on traceability of our products: from their capture to their point of sale. We conduct comprehensive checks, inspections, as well as product testing to ensure they remain in perfect conditions and freezing. In other words, we avoid losing the nutritional properties from the moment the fish is caught to our cold storage in our facilities.

The products are properly labeled. More specifically, we are innovative in the fishing industry as we indicate the nutritional information of our cephalopods (cuttlefish, octopus, squid, roe cuttlefish, baby octopus) so as to make it easy for the consumers. Indeed, we highlight the great properties and the low fat that you find in such a healthy product, which entails numerous benefits to your organism.

Elaborados Miguel Médicis S.A. is involved in continuous research on the different ways to present the products. Our aim is to offer them in a convenient and easy way to cook. We are a cephalopod processing company with both a formidable infrastructure and a human team which caters for a wide network of vendors and the largest Supermarket chains in Spain. Moreover, Elaborados Miguel Médicis invests in R&D to provide the best-quality products to our customers.



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